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Testimonials for Team and Summit Trainings

Trainings for the Chrome Team in Munich

In my experience, many issues, technical or non-technical issues, can be traced back to issues in how people communicated. In a distributed environment such as Google, having the right communication skills is even more important. The class was presented in a very inclusive way, the content was exactly right for the allocated time and I can only highly recommend it. The class gets to the heart of the issues in only 2.5hrs but will give you back so much more. Just making sure we understand each other's needs to then communicate in more appropriate way, is a huge win and will avoid misunderstandings and potential conflicts. In a distributed team with many hours of time difference, just one misunderstood email can lead to 24 or even 48 hours of delay, if you just think about the productivity loss, you can't help but sign up for the class!"

Wieland H.
Engineering Director & Munich Site Lead

Earl kindly agreed to travel to EMEA to deliver the hugely successful and impactful ‘Productive Communication’ (aka Compassionate Communication). He delivered 3 sessions to Munich-based Googlers over the past 2 weeks, up-skilling 60+ Googlers. What was greatly appreciated was that Earl tailored the class to his audience in a distributed environment for whom the right communication skills are so essential. The feedback from the classes has been overwhelmingly positive. So thank you very much again, Earl!

Mária von H.
HR Business Partner for Chrome in Munich

Massage Team Summit

I can't speak more highly of Earl as a facilitator or the content of his Compassionate Communications course. As part of our annual summit, he facilitated a course for twenty of our team members aimed at fostering authentic and compassionate communication.

Earl took the time to understand our team's unique needs prior to our summit and modified the exercises based on those needs. The participants were given communication techniques and the time spent in small breakout groups allowed for integration and understanding of the tools provided. Participants were encouraged to identify/recognize why frustrations occur, both professionally and personally, and how to best respond with self-awareness in order to be a better individual contributor and teammate. Multiple attendees reported feeling more connected to their team and better prepared to effectively deal with stressful situations in the future.

Earl has also been very generous in offering ongoing support and guidance post-summit. In my opinion, this course is of great benefit to any team looking for thoughtful engagement, increased empathy and productive team dialogue.

Gabrielle S.
Supervisor: Health & Performance Team

Women@Summit in Mexico

Earl was an amazing team player and owner of the Compassionate Communication workshop, a key part of the Women@Summit 2015 for Mexico. His contribution and passion made the Workshop a true success! Thank you so much Earl for being part of this, you truly had an impact on our members and peers.

Delfina G., organizer

Thanks Earl! The comments from the audience were outstanding... ‘he's great’, ‘excellent workshop’, ‘so inspiring’, etc!

Brenda L., organizer.

Administrative Business Partner Summit

  • Thank you so much for the session! We all gained a greater understanding of how we communicate from this*

Karen D., Administrative Business Partner